City Council is moving at breakneck speed to freeze government spending in 2018.  This will mean Toronto’s 1.8 million transit riders will be paying more for worse service next year.  Again.  The recommendation to freeze the TTC’s budget for 2018 will go to a full City Council vote on Wednesday May 24.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find your councillors’ contact details and send them a message.

Here are three reasons why this is bad news for transit riders

  1. A budget freeze will mean fare hikes and service cuts in 2018. You’re going to paying more for a more unreliable and longer commute.  
  2. It means the low income pass is under threat because the City needs to find an additional $5 million in 2018 to roll out the first phase of the program to give fare discounts to people on social assistance.  
  3. A spending freeze threatens the long term health of the TTC because it keeps the TTC on a race to the bottom to a crappy transit system.  This is because fare hikes and service cuts will worsen the TTC’s ongoing ridership problem. Even more of us will choose another way – or no way – because we’re sick of paying too much for too little. When riders leave they take their fare revenue with them, which worsens the TTC’s budget woes, prompting service cuts and fare hikes in a vicious downward spiral.

What should the City do instead?

City Council must invest in the transit system we need to build a fair city that has a place for all of us.  

We can absolutely afford to raise taxes to pay for better public transit, and for that matter all critical public services, from affordable housing to parks and recreation.   

We can absolutely afford to introduce rider friendly fares like two hour fare transfers and a low income pass that lets riders on social assistance travel for free and riders earning less than $23,000 a year pay $1 a token, $50 a month to ride.

We can absolutely afford to improve service on all routes, including guaranteeing 10 minutes or better service on all routes from 6am to 1am, bringing in more express bus service and more.

The public is on board. What we’re lacking is the political will.

Take action

Send a message to your councillor via phone, facebook, twitter or email.  Tell them you don’t want to be sardined in 2018.  Ask them t0 increase in funding to the TTC in 2018 so riders can have more service and lower fares, not freeze the TTC’s budget.

Council must focus the 2018 budget on fully implementing city strategies to build a more inclusive city – not focus on a budget freeze that will make life harder for those most in need.

District name First name Last name Email Phone
Toronto John Tory 416-397-2489
Etobicoke North Vincent Crisanti 416-392-0205
Etobicoke North Michael Ford 416-397-9255
Etobicoke Centre Stephen Holyday 416-392-4002
Etobicoke Centre John Campbell 416-392-1369
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Justin Di Ciano 416-392-4040
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Mark Grimes 416-397-9273
York West Giorgio Mammoliti 416-395-6401
York West Anthony Perruzza 416-338-5335
York Centre Maria Augimeri 416-392-4021
York Centre James Pasternak 416-392-1371
York South-Weston Frances Nunziata 416-392-4091
York South-Weston Frank Di Giorgio 416-392-4066
Parkdale-High Park Sarah Doucette 416-392-4072
Parkdale-High Park Gord Perks 416-392-7919
Eglinton-Lawrence Josh Colle 416-392-4027
Eglinton-Lawrence Christin Carmichael Greb 416-392-4090
Davenport Cesar Palacio 416-392-7011
Davenport Ana Bailão 416-392-7012
Trinity-Spadina Mike Layton 416-392-4009
Trinity-Spadina Joe Cressy 416-392-4044
St. Paul’s Joe Mihevc 416-392-0208
St. Paul’s Josh Matlow 416-392-7906
Willowdale John Filion 416-392-0210
Willowdale David Shiner 416-395-6413
Don Valley West Jaye Robinson 416-395-6408
Don Valley West Jon Burnside 416-392-0215
Toronto Centre-Rosedale Kristyn Wong-Tam 416-392-7903
Toronto Centre-Rosedale Pam McConnell 416-392-7916
Toronto-Danforth Mary Fragedakis 416-392-4032
Toronto-Danforth Paula Fletcher 416-392-4060
Beaches-East York Janet Davis 416-392-4035
Beaches-East York Mary-Margaret McMahon 416-392-1376
Don Valley East Shelley Carroll 416-392-4038
Don Valley East Denzil Minnan-Wong 416-397-9256
Scarborough Southwest Michelle Holland 416-392-0213
Scarborough Southwest Gary Crawford 416-392-4052
Scarborough Centre Michael Thompson 416-397-9274
Scarborough Centre Glenn De Baeremaeker 416-392-0204
Scarborough-Agincourt Jim Karygiannis 416-392-1374
Scarborough-Agincourt Norman Kelly 416-392-4047
Scarborough-Rouge River Chin Lee 416-392-1375
Scarborough-Rouge River Neethan Shan 416-392-4078
Scarborough East Paul Ainslie 416-392-4008
Scarborough East Ron Moeser 416-392-1373

Here’s more information about the TTC’s budget woes

A spending freeze means fare hikes and service cuts because the TTC needs more money to maintain current service levels because its costs are going up.  The TTC needs $102 million more government investment in 2018 compared to 2017 simply to cover the cost of wage increases, inflation, and increased maintenance costs.  The TTC also needs $26 million a year to run the soon-to-be-opened Toronto Yonge Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE).

TTC has less money to find, and fewer places to cut. The TTC has used up its entire reserve fund already; it used the last $18 million in last year’s budget. It’s losing $10 million in projected fare revenue because ridership keeps dropping. The TTC has already made drastic cuts to meet last year’s demand from City Council to cut its budget by 2.6% and absorb all inflationary increases.  The TTC did not introduce planned service improvements, eliminated paper schedules at streetcar and bus stops, leaving riders to access TTC schedules online, ignored the blatant overcrowding violations affecting all streetcar routes and a quarter of all bus routes, made cuts to 27 routes, cut bus maintenance, and did not implement needed subway reliability measures.  There’s nothing left to cut except service.

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