Thanks to Mayor Tory’s 2.6% budget cut and chronic under funding of the TTC, there is a $2.5 billion shortfall in the 2017 – 2026 TTC capital budget. New buses, wheel trans buses and bus stop improvements for accessibility are not funded in this year’s budget. Neither are two hour transfers.

Read about the TTC Capital budget here.

However, Scarborough councillors are fine with a 1.6% property tax increase in order to generate $910 million for a $3.2 – 3.56 billion, one-stop subway. This includes $112 million to extend the life of the SRT until 2026 and $123 million to decommission the SRT. None of which would be necessary, had we stuck with the original seven-stop LRT plan.

Read this entire post on Scarborough Transit Action’s website.

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