Do you think the TTC is too expensive?

You’re not alone.

Thousands and thousands of people, especially people living on low incomes – rely on the TTC everyday to go to the doctor, work, pick up kids, get food, get access to recreation and all the benefits of life in Toronto.

The high (and rising) TTC fares are making it impossible for people to pay for TTC rides. We now have some of the highest fares in North America.  We have the highest metropass in Canada.

Social assistance and low wage jobs do not provide enough money to meet basic needs, including riding public transit

Something has got to give.  It’s time for lower fares on the TTC.


  1. Send a message to your elected official calling for lower fares right now. 
  2. Get some postcards and share them with your friends and at your local TTC stop.  Contact to pick up postcards. 
  3. Join our organizing committee.  Contact Karin at 
  4. Download and read the Fair Fare Coalition’s report here.


1. free TTC for people on social assistance
2. $50 Metropass, and $1 tokens for low income earners
3. free TTC during heat alert and extreme cold days
4. discount TTC tokens for social service agencies so they can give tokens to people who access their services
5. no reductions in TTC service. We need more service, not less.



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