Executive Director

Jessica Bell
Jessica is TTCriders’ Executive Director.  She is an instructor in advocacy and government relations at Ryerson University, and the former director of the California Food & Justice Coalition.  She works as a facilitator and trainer.

Active Members

Shaun Cleaver
Shaun is a Campaigns Committee member, and a volunteer for Scarborough Transit Action.  Shaun is also a University of Toronto PhD student, and our representative from the University of Toronto Graduate Student Union.

Marco Covi
Marco is Co-Chair of the TTCriders’ Board of Directors.   Marco recently established the North West Outreach Committee to mobilize residents concerned about the future of public transit in the Rexdale/Jane-Finch area.  Marco holds a degree in Environmental Policy and Practice from the University of Toronto, and is enrolled in the Masters of Public Policy and Administration Program at Ryerson University.

Jessie Macaulay
Jessie is a member of the Board, and works as an Alternative Dispute Resolution professional in Scarborough.  She has been an election day organizer for both municipal and provincial political campaigns, and ran as a candidate in Scarborough Southwest for the Ontario NDP.

Dr. Kamilla Pietrzyk
Kamilla is the chair of our Outreach and Leadership Development Committee.  She is also a lecturer in media studies.

Herman Rosenfeld
Herman is a Campaigns Committee member, and Chair of the North West Outreach Committee.  He is a retired national representative in the education department at the Canadian Autoworkers Union.

Brenda Thompson
Brenda is Co-Chair of TTCriders’ Board of Directors.  She is also the founder and director of Scarborough Transit Action, an advocacy group committed to bring rapid publicly-owned transit to Scarborough.

Kingsley Kwok
Kingsley is a member of the Board.  He is chair of the Labour Solidarity and Political Action Committee of the OPSEU Greater Toronto Area Council.  He is also a respiratory therapist who works at a Scarborough hospital.

Karin Meinzer
Karin is a member of the Board, and works as a literacy educator with PTP learning programs.  She’s also the chair of the Fair Fare Coalition and has worked for over two years with us on the low income pass report.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Helen Liu