Executive Director

Shelagh Pizey-Allen

Active Members

Bill Worrell
Bill  is chair of the Campaigns Committee , which oversees and plans our advocacy campaigns for better public transit. He is also co-chair of the Outreach and Leadership Committee which organizes recruitment, welcoming, training and supporting our new members and emerging leaders. Bill has worked in the areas of community development and social justice for most of his working life.

Jessie Macaulay
Jessie is a member of the TTCriders Board of Directors, and works as an Alternative Dispute Resolution professional in Scarborough.  She has been an election day organizer for both municipal and provincial political campaigns, and ran as a candidate in Scarborough Southwest for the Ontario NDP.

Dr. Kamilla Pietrzyk
Kamilla is the chair of our Outreach and Leadership Development Committee.  She is also a lecturer in media studies.

Herman Rosenfeld
Herman is a Campaigns Committee member, and does outreach across the City of Toronto on social justice issues such as access to transit.  He is a retired national representative in the education department at the Canadian Autoworkers Union.

Brenda Thompson
Brenda is the founder and co-ordinator of Scarborough Transit Action, an advocacy group that supports an LRT network in Scarborough as well as TTCriders goal of more TTC service and lower fares.

Kingsley Kwok

Kingsley is the treasurer of TTCriders’ board of directors. He is a registered respiratory therapist who lives and works in Scarborough. He co-chairs the Chinese Workers Networks, is a member of the executive board of Toronto and York Region Labour Council and active in his union, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

Karin Meinzer
Karin is a member of the Board, and works as a literacy educator with PTP learning programs.  She’s also the chair of the Fair Fare Coalition and has worked for over two years with us on the low income pass report.

Marco Covi
Marco is Chair of the TTCriders’ Board of Directors. He was actively engaged with the planning and execution of campaigns committee initiatives from 2013-2015 with the goals of expanding TTCriders’ influence into the inner suburbs and ensuring Light Rapid Transit that will connect all corners of the City gets built. He has since been assisting with administrative work such as helping to set the organization’s long-term strategy and recruit new members to the board. Marco holds a Master’s of Public Policy and Administration.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Helen Liu

Board of Directors

Marco Covi – Chair

Helen Lee – Secretary

Kingsley Kwok – Treasurer

Suhail Barot – member

Milan Gokhale – member

Jane Mercer – member

Jessie Macaulay – member

Karen Meinzer – member

Joy Robertson – member

Alix Freiler – member