Last months the TTC started quietly removing the schedules printed on the TTC stops across the city.  This was done to save the TTC $400,000 a year.

It feels like this should have been an example we shared in our mock #soefficientithurts campaign, but reality trumped our mock ideas.

East York community activist, Justin Dan Vette, approached TTCriders and asked for our endorsement of his campaign to return the printed schedules.

We decided to endorse Justin’s campaign. This is because many riders still use the paper schedules and don’t have easy access to cell phones with data to spare to get the schedule online.   A schedule is still a sensible and useful information to include at a TTC stop.

Justin has launched an online petition that includes a demand to bring back the printed schedules.

We encourage you to sign.  Check out Justin’s website for more information.



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