We now have ward-by-ward maps so you know exactly how the service cuts are affecting your neighbourhood.  Thank you Taylor Blake for your hard work making these awesome maps.

The TTC is being forced to cut service and break overcrowding standards because all levels of government are failing to invest in transit.

Now is the time to take action because City Council will be deciding how much money to give our seriously underfunded transit agency on February 15 and 16, which is just three weeks away.

We need your help to reach out to residents in key ridings and encourage them to talk to their councillor to stop the TTC service cuts. This action is part of our bigger long term plan to build a network of residents in key wards so we can build our power and make sure City Council votes for great and affordable public transit every time.

Here’s how you can take action.

Got 3 minutes?

Share the map of your ward showing all the service cuts online with your friends, neighbours and councillor.  

Got 10 minutes?

Write a personal message to your councillor telling them to improve transit service in your neighbourhood, not permit it to worsen.

Got an hour

Sign up to hand out postcards for an hour at a TTC stop to educate riders about the service cuts on our day of action on January 30.  We will get your postcards. Start your own canvass or join one of ours.  Also, if you’re willing to travel then contact us and we’ll tell what councillors we’re targeting and you can talk to riders in their ward.

Got a day?

Talk to us about becoming a ward representative in your neighbourhood.  Being a ward representative involves doing outreach to riders in your area and arranging a meeting with your councillor. We will help you a lot.

Come to a campaigns meeting.  Our next campaigns meeting is on Monday February 6, 6pm – 8.30pm at 720 Bathurst St.

For more information please contact us at:
Jess, 647 772 8770, jess@ttcriders.ca
Bill, 647 470 6658, worrellbill@gmail.com

We also encourage you to contact your councillor personally and call for great transit not cuts.

Toronto Mayor John Tory mayor_tory@toronto.ca 416-338-7125
Etobicoke North Councillor Vincent Crisanti councillor_crisanti@toronto.ca 416-696-4207
Etobicoke North Councillor Michael Ford councillor_mford@toronto.ca 416-397-9238
Etobicoke Centre Councillor Stephen Holyday councillor_holyday@toronto.ca 416-392-4004
Etobicoke Centre Councillor John Campbell Councillor_Campbell@toronto.ca 416-696-4138
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor Justin Di Ciano Councillor_DiCiano@toronto.ca 416-392-4127
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor Mark Grimes councillor_grimes@toronto.ca 416-397-9279
York West Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti councillor_mammoliti@toronto.ca 416-397-9282
York West Councillor Anthony Perruzza councillor_perruzza@toronto.ca 416-696-4144
York Centre Councillor Maria Augimeri councillor_augimeri@toronto.ca 416-392-7109
York Centre Councillor James Pasternak councillor_pasternak@toronto.ca 416-392-7299
York South-Weston Councillor Frances Nunziata councillor_nunziata@toronto.ca 416-392-4118
York South-Weston Councillor Frank Di Giorgio councillor_digiorgio@toronto.ca 416-392-1675
Parkdale-High Park Councillor Sarah Doucette councillor_doucette@toronto.ca 416-696-3667
Parkdale-High Park Councillor Gord Perks councillor_perks@toronto.ca 416-392-0398
Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Josh Colle councillor_colle@toronto.ca 416-392-4191
Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb Councillor_CarmichaelGreb@toronto.ca 416-392-4129
Davenport Councillor Cesar Palacio councillor_palacio@toronto.ca 416-392-0212
Davenport Councillor Ana Bailão councillor_bailao@toronto.ca 416-392-7957
Trinity-Spadina Councillor Mike Layton councillor_layton@toronto.ca 416-392-4100
Trinity-Spadina Councillor Joe Cressy Councillor_Cressy@toronto.ca 416-392-4130
St. Paul’s Councillor Joe Mihevc councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca 416-392-7466
St. Paul’s Councillor Josh Matlow councillor_matlow@toronto.ca 416-392-0124
Willowdale Councillor John Filion councillor_filion@toronto.ca 416-392-7388
Willowdale Councillor David Shiner councillor_shiner@toronto.ca 416-397-9290
Don Valley West Councillor Jaye Robinson councillor_robinson@toronto.ca 416-395-6439
Don Valley West Councillor Jon Burnside Councillor_Burnside@toronto.ca 416-392-7427
Toronto Centre-Rosedale Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam councillor_wongtam@toronto.ca 416-696-4300
Toronto Centre-Rosedale Councillor Pam McConnell councillor_mcconnell@toronto.ca 416-392-7296
Toronto-Danforth Councillor Mary Fragedakis councillor_fragedakis@toronto.ca 416-392-4123
Toronto-Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher councillor_fletcher@toronto.ca 416-397-5200
Beaches-East York Councillor Janet Davis councillor_davis@toronto.ca 416-397-9289
Beaches-East York Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon councillor_mcmahon@toronto.ca 416-392-7444
Don Valley East Councillor Shelley Carroll councillor_carroll@toronto.ca 416-392-4101
Don Valley East Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong councillor_minnan-wong@toronto.ca 416-397-4100
Scarborough Southwest Councillor Michelle Holland councillor_berardinetti@toronto.ca 416-392-7394
Scarborough Southwest Councillor Gary Crawford councillor_crawford@toronto.ca 416-696-3658
Scarborough Centre Councillor Michael Thompson councillor_thompson@toronto.ca 416-397-9280
Scarborough Centre Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker councillor_debaeremaeker@toronto.ca 416-392-7428
Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Jim Karygiannis councillor_karygiannis@toronto.ca 416-392-7431
Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Norman Kelly councillor_kelly@toronto.ca 416-696-4172
Scarborough-Rouge River Councillor Chin Lee councillor_lee@toronto.ca 416-392-7433
Scarborough-Rouge River Councillor Vacant Vacant ward42@toronto.ca 416-696-4159
Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie councillor_ainslie@toronto.ca 416-392-4006
Scarborough East Councillor Ron Moeser councillor_moeser@toronto.ca 416-392-7429
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