More than 20 community groups and 600 residents sent a public letter to Premier Wynne and Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, Glen Murray, today calling for a side-by-side comparison of  the controversial Scarborough subway to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) network, a comparison the City of Toronto has refused to do.

“We need the province to step in and do this study comparing a one-stop subway with the LRT because Torontonians deserve to know which is the best public transit option for our city and for Scarborough“ says Brenda Thompson from Scarborough Transit Action. “It’s never been done, and it’s time to do it.”

The city of Toronto just did a study of the subway. On March 28th, City Council rejected a motion by Councillor Matlow by a  margin of ten (27 – 17)  to do a side-by-side comparison of the subway and the LRT alternative.

The province is allowed to do this study when there is a “potential for a negative impact on a matter of provincial importance that relates to the natural environment.”

According to a recent study:  The net greenhouse gas effect of the Sheppard Subway Line  from University of Toronto’s Civil Engineering Department,  subway tunnel construction releases huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that can take anywhere from 18 to 33 years to offset.  This is because subway construction uses large amounts of concrete and metal rebar, as well as energy.  LRTs require much less concrete because they are above ground.

“With such low ridership projections it is unlikely that construction of a six km tunnel with only one-stop would offset these significant emissions in a timely manner”, says STA member Vincent Puhakka.

“Spending $3.56 billion for an extension that will actually eliminate  access to existing RT stations and funding for the Eglinton East LRT is pure folly,” says Brenda Thompson. “When the city goes this far off track, the province needs to step in and bring back sensible, environmentally responsible transit planning” .

Here’s our letter.  You can also read it below.                                 

Monday, April 20,  2017

Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1


The Honourable Glen Murray
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
2nd Floor Macdonald Block, 900 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister Murray,

We are asking that you require that the one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE) project be evaluated in comparison with the five-stop Scarborough RT and with the seven-stop LRT that was originally planned to replace the Scarborough RT.  

As you are aware, the Environmental Assessment for the SSE  is scheduled to commence shortly.  Ontario’s Transit Project Assessment Process provides for the Premier and the Minister to take action if there is “potential for a negative impact on a matter of provincial importance that relates to the natural environment.”  Accordingly, we believe:

  • the SSE has the potential to exacerbate, rather than reduce, Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • that building the seven-stop LRT instead, would reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions arising from transportation.

Ontario faces a stiff challenge in achieving its climate change targets.  The 2016 Annual GHG Progress Report of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario warns that Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is unlikely to achieve the province’s 2020 target for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  It cautions that “transportation is Ontario’s highest and fastest growing source of GHGs, “having increased over 27 per cent since 1990” and concludes that “reducing transportation emissions, must, therefore, be Ontario’s highest climate change priority.”   

There are numerous grounds for concern about the potential for negative environmental and social impact of the SSE:  

  • Design, construction and operation of  the proposed 1-stop subway will not help reduce GHG emissions in a timely fashion.  A recent study: The net greenhouse gas impact of the Sheppard Subway Line  by University of Toronto researchers measured the emissions generated by using large amounts of concrete and metal rebar as well as energy in subway construction and found it will take anywhere from 18 to 33 years for the line to offset its emissions.  The study’s recommendations include laying line above ground when possible, so as to reduce the polluting inputs. Similarly, the SSE is expected to take an enormous amount of concrete and other materials, because of the complexity and depth of its design and will run under capacity for decades. In contrast, constructing and operating a seven-stop LRT, built mostly above ground, would generate significantly fewer emissions during construction and attract more riders therefore offsetting its emissions much sooner than the SSE.
  • Costs of the SSE have increased to such an extent there is no money left for other priority transit lines for Scarborough. At just the five percent design stage the SSE has consumed almost the entire envelope of money that the three levels of government had earmarked for higher order transit for Scarborough, which has left the 18-stop Eglinton East LRT unfunded.  With so many unfunded transit projects in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario, there is no guarantee that if the SSE is built that any other rapid transit project will appear any time soon in Scarborough.  If the seven-stop LRT were to be built, there would be money left in the envelope to build the Eglinton East LRT.  This would create a genuine network, linking a large part of Scarborough with rapid transit, further reducing the need for car travel and therefore, reducing emissions.
  • Unnecessary delay in providing rapid transit alternatives to personal auto travel.  Construction of the SSE is not expected to start until 2020 and won’t be running until 2026 at the earliest, whereas the seven-stop LRT would only take four to five years to build.   
  • LRT would carry more riders at peak times, 8,000 persons/hour, compared to just 7,300 persons/hour for the SSE.  Also, the latest city report shows an an almost 50% drop (from 4,500 down to 2,300) in the SSE’s ability to attract new riders.   
  • With its above-ground design, the LRT option would encourage more dense development along its stops, more jobs and greater walkability.  It would maintain current RT station locations, as well as adding two new ones, which allow greater interface with the existing transit network and thus, more opportunities for people to use transit instead of their cars.  But the SSE, with just one stop, will eliminate stations that are currently used by more than 12,000 riders per day and reduce connections with other transit.  

So, Premier Wynne and  Minister Murray, there is a lot riding on the decision of which option should be built in Scarborough.  At the very least, there should be a careful comparative evaluation of the three options.  Everyone in Ontario needs to know that scarce public funds are being used to maximize social, economic and environmental benefits.

Yours sincerely,


Scarborough Transit Action


1LoveMalvern Transportation Working Group

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Climate Fast


Council of Canadians (Toronto chapter)

CUPW Local 602

De La Salle College “Oaklands”

Graduate Students’ Association at Scarborough, University of Toronto Scarborough


Matrix Management Corp.

Reena Foundation

Scarborough Civic Action Network

Scarborough Residents Unite Neighbourhood Association
Scarborough Transit Action

Socialist Project

The Caring Alliance

The Council of Canadians

Toronto Environmental Alliance

Transport Action Canada

University of Toronto Graduate Students Union

Cheri DiNovo, Urban Transit Critic NDP

A H Harry Oussoren

A. Wilmot

Aakash Harpalani

Abbie Allan

Afifa Darabuddin

Akhter Ahmed

Alan  Trufal

Alan Barthel

Alan Demb

Albert Truong

Alex Adams

Alex Cheesman

Alex Forgay

Ali Toufighi

Alice Schuda

Alicia Leyva

Alisa Gayle

Alisa Weyman

Alison Read

Alison Smiley

Alison Stirling

Allan McCartney

Allen Gunderson

Amanda Bhaggu

Amanda Clarke

Amanda Montgomery

Amber Scoyne

Amir Fleischmann

Andrea Calver

Andrea Diaz-Varela

Andrea Holtslander

Andrea Muehlebach

Andrea Vaalentini

Andrew Paton

Angela Del Buono

Anna Bourque

Anna Kim

Anna Luengo

Anna Willats

Anne Martin

Aram Melikian

Arlene Rogers

Arun Mukherjee

Asher Ettinger

Barbara Houston

Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips

Barbara Willitts

Barry Lipton

Becky Lee

Bee Lee Soh

Benjamin Bradley

Beryl Pilkington

Betty Kaser

Bill Bigelow

Bill Kime

Bill McGowan

Bill Worrell

Black Richards

Bonnie Boyd

Bonnie Briggs

Brad Young

Brian C.

Brian Malcolm

Mike Mattos

Brigitte Kitchen

Bruce A. Weber

Bruce Bryden

Bruce Eves

Bruce Galloway

Brydon Gombay

Bryson Winchester

Cameron MacLeod

Carol Kleinfeldt

Carol Krismer

Carol Schwartz

Carolanne MacLean

Carolyn Naftel

Catherine Molyneux

Cathy Line

Chad Morton

Charles Ritchie

Cheryl Gaster

Cheryl Litwack

Chris Gapski

Chris Harding

Christine Huddleston

Cindy Evans

Claude Bergeron

Clay Mcfayden

Clive Lawry

Clive Richards

Colette Snyder

Colman Hogan

Connie Tasse

Constance Dilley

Consuelo Castillo

Corey Broster

Cornelia Bryant

Cynthia Loch-Drake

Cynthia Wright

D Braithwaite

D C Appleyard

D. Theodore Walker

Dan Sommer

Dan Young

Daniel Murphy

Darren Puscas

Daryl Mahabir

David Black

David DePoe

David Fiske

David Klausner

David Kreindler

David Lidov

David Meyers

David Olson

David Pinto

David Simmons

Dean Middleton

Deb Gilchrist

Della Golland

Denise Martins

Denise Murphy

Dennis Findlay

Dennis Morrison

Desmond Brett

Diane Allen

Diane Gordon

Diane Shears

Dominique Russell

Don Ferguson

Donald MacIvor

Donald Peter St Amand

Donna Lang

Doris Bradley

Dorothy Holmes

Douglas Catty

Douglas Dees

Douglas Williams

Douglas Yardley

Ed Scherer

Eileen Thomas

Elaine Gort

Eleanor McKnight

Elena Basile

Elissa Green

Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth Brownlie

Elizabeth Burrows

Elizabeth Gilarowski

Elizabeth Glor-Bell

Elizabeth Littlejohn

Ellen D’Heureux

Emily Paradis

Emma Dickson

Enrique Robert

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Espie Krementsova

Evelyn Steinberg

Ezra de Leon

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Florence Foerster

Frances Money

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Frank Nacsa

Frank O’Hara

Franziska Nonnenmann

Frieda Forman

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Gail Posen

Gay Couillard-Horrigan

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Geoffrey Allen

George X Tomaszewski

Gerald Lambers

Gerry Flynn

Giovanni Perna


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Gray Taylor

Gregg Hill

Guillermo Verdecchia


Gyuszi S. Berki

Harold R. McMann

Harold Smith

Harriet Friedmann

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Herminia Manuel

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