A Metrolinx report released quietly on Friday shows ridership levels on the controversial UPX train have dropped even further. The report shows the trains ran at just 8% capacity in November and December. An average 14 people boarded each 173-seat train.

This report confirms what we have said for months: Metrolinx has utterly failed to meet Toronto’s demand for sensible transit solutions. This type of transit planning makes us question whether Metrolinx can even be trusted to manage major transit projects.

In response to the report and our campaigning we just got some good news! The Wynne Government just directed Metrolinx to review the fare structure and said it should be used by downtown commuters.  This is great news!

In solidarity with the Union-Pearson Coalition, today, we’re renewing our longstanding demands: The Union-Pearson Express train service must be a publicly operated, electrified train service with more stops and TTC-level fares.

Please send a message to Metrolinx and the Wynne Government calling for TTC level fares, stops in our neighbourhoods, and clean trains.

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