Any investment of public dollars should go towards supporting good green jobs for Ontarians.  Government investments into public transit should offer Ontarians, and Torontonians, the possibility of meaningful, well-paid work.  Good jobs help build a brighter future for our province.

Since July 14, 2014, 900+ workers in Thunder Bay have gone on strike from Bombardier to maintain conditions for new hires.  As riders in the city who use the vehicles that are on GO Transit and the TTC, we have a lot of say in urging a settlement.  The striking Bombardier workers are responsible for building TTC subway cars, bi-level coaches for GO Transit, and the new TTC streetcars that are scheduled to be released on August 31.

At TTCriders, we don’t only fight for more service and lower fares for riders on the TTC.  Yes, we want good transit but we want good jobs for workers as well.  Good transit should lead to good green jobs – ones which provide workers dignity and respect well into retirement.

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