CP24 asked TTCriders to comment on the latest announcement by the Ontario Government on its plans to alleviate traffic during the PAN AM Games.

Watch the clip.

We question whether asking 20% of drivers to stay at home or take the TTC is adequate, given that the TTC is at breaking point already.

We also have noticed the TTC will only increase service to the airport and to routes to sports destinations, but that doesn’t help the vast vast majority of Torontonians who just want to use transit to go about their daily lives and use other transit routes. Read the TTC’s approved plan here.

We’re really disappointed by the Union Pearson express which is too expensive and the trains are too small to be a good service to Torontonians.

And what about transit service after the PAN AM Games?  Can we please have all levels of government step up please and fairly fund the TTC.

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