On January 30, 2017, TTCriders organized a successful Day of Action across the City of Toronto. Volunteers converged at key intersections to mobilize riders and educate them on over-crowded routes, the recent fare hike, and the low per-rider municipal subsidy.
Our work garnered the attention of several news agencies:
Over-Crowded Routes
The TTC continues to argue that service levels continue to complement current ridership levels overall. However, data suggests otherwise. TTC data collected shows 43 of roughly 155 bus and streetcar routes exceed crowding standards at some point in the day.
Fare Hikes
For the sixth consecutive year, TTC commissioners voted in favour of a 10-cent fare hike.
Municipal Subsidy
The TTC subsidy per rider is 15-cents lower in 2016 than was provided to the TTC in 2010 (pg. 10).
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