TTCriders awarded its inaugural Transit Hall of Fame award to Helen Liu, community activist with the Toronto Chinese Seniors Association.  We recognized her long-term commitment to advocating for lower fares for seniors.  We also awarded a Transit Champion award to Councillor Joe Mihevc for his years of hard work towards building a world class affordable public transit system.   You two rock!

These awards were given out at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, May 7.

Our AGM started with a keynote presentation from Hilary Holden, Toronto’s first Director of Transit & Sustainable Transportation.  Hilary talked about the city’s very ambitious plans to expand the transit network.  

TTCriders also shared our plans for 2016.  The coming year is set to be a huge for transit in Toronto.  Next month, the city will begin debating whether to lower fares for riders in need, including people on social assistance and low income workers.  In June, the city will decide which transit projects to prioritize and how they plan to pay for them.  With the arrival of Presto in 2017, Metrolinx is considering dropping an unfairness bomb onto the TTC’s fare structure by bringing in fare-by-distance, as well as higher fares for the subway and other fast transit services.  This will mean low income riders in Toronto’s outer neighbourhoods will pay more for unreliable and slower service.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our AGM.  Thank you to our amazing volunteers, including Jessie, Cindy, Adam, Jane, Kingsley, Brenda, Kamilla, Shaun, Alex, Josh, Suhail, Morghain, Nirmalan, Karin, Milan, Herman, Mike, Diana, Jenn, David, and more.

Thank you also to Via Rail, Naomi Klein, Margaret Atwood, and Cheri Di Novo for contributing fantastic raffle prizes.

Read about the year that was in our 2016 Annual Report.

Listen to Helen Liu’s acceptance speech:

TTCriders AGM 2016 from Toronto 2014 on Vimeo.

Check out the photos. Thanks Nirmalan for taking them.


Conspiring Co-Chairs Milan and Brenda.

Marco and Corey

Marco and Corey showing off our snazzy 2016 Annual Report.


Diana and Shaun announce the raffle prize winners.

Helen and Jen at the AGM

Winner of our community activist Hall of Fame award, Helen Liu, with her friend and TTCriders member, Jennifer Huang.

AGM 2016

Our AGM has begun.

Helen Liu at the AGM

Hall of Fame winner, Helen Liu.

Shaun and Alex tabling

Alex and Shaun at the TTCriders table! Thanks guys!

Shaun presenting at our AGM

Shaun, once again, being forced to re-tell our year, even though he spends half of each year in Zambia.

Hillary Holden

Keynote speaker, Hillary Holden, sharing the city’s transit vision.

Herman AGM

Looking good, Herman!

Kamilla and Melissa in conversation.

College buddies Herman and Bill AGM

College buddies Herman and Bill reminiscing about their younger years.

Milan and Rithika AGM

Milan and Ritika auditioning for a toothpaste commercial.

Moya Beall and Bill Worrell AGM

Moya and Bill taking a break.

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