When the November Service Changes were released, we saw that service was being slashed on 20 routes and immediately suspected that these were cuts. In the past month, the TTC has intentionally misled the public to believe that these changes were merely routine tweaks to match service to ridership. Through Ben Spurr, we now know that if the TTC was only making changes to match service to ridership, service would have been improved on 43 routes. Zero of the improvements were made.

Through this smokescreen, the TTC has been denying that these cuts are the direct impact of Mayor John Tory’s refusal to properly fund transit in Toronto.

We have learned not to trust John Tory. Even this morning, as undeniable evidence of the cuts broke, he continues to claim that he will “not let service suffer” through his slash and burn budgets.

As transit riders, we have been suffering with insufficient service for years. Whereas the situation could improve with adequate funding, it will instead get a bit worse starting Sunday on these routes:

7 Bathurst

11 Bayview

29 Dufferin

56 Leaside

35 Jane

43 Kennedy

57 Midland

68 Warden

73 Royal York

79 Scarlett Rd

90 Vaughan

108 Downsview

121 Fort York-Esplanade

124 Sunnybrook

129 McCowan North

133 Neilson

161 Rogers Rd

168 Symington

504 King

514 Cherry

For all riders who use these routes and want to see the ways in which they are getting worse, check our running list on the page John Tory’s Transit Cuts.

On that same page, we also list the routes where service would have improved on Sunday if John Tory was not starving the TTC.

John Tory holds himself out as the “Transit Mayor,” a claim that is completely detached from objective fact. It is true that he has made some investments in transit, and made sure that everyone knew through his multiple press conferences. Starting Sunday, Tory’s budget cuts begin. And if he has his way in 2017, this situation will be much, much, much worse.

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