Last night we celebrated another year of organizing together for transit justice. Thanks for joining us!  

Desmond Cole was our stellar trivia tournament MC. Congrats to the winning trivia team, “Celestial Transit in the Making”! You can read our trivia questions and answers below. 

Over the last year, TTCriders has organized non-stop and it’s paid off: we’ve won 2-hour transfers and the Fair Fare Pass, and we’re very close to getting them funded.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be pushing John Tory and Toronto City Council to keep their promise to fund 2-hour transfers and the Fair Pass in 2018! And we’re going to keep fighting for better TTC service. You can read our take on the 2018 TTC budget here

Couldn’t make it, but want to support our work and get involved? You can become a member or make a donation online. Send a message to to get involved in our campaigns.  

Thank you to our event supporters and prize donors:

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Special thanks to our trivia MC Desmond Cole and to OSSTF, our Transit Supporter sponsor.


Transit & Toronto Trivia Night

Easy Round

1. Which public figure has received an award from TTCriders?

TTC Sardine Award, to Kathleen Wynne
Transit Troll Award, to John Tory
Transit Santa Award for Best Blogger, to Steve Munro
Thanks For Nothing Award, to Mike Harris

2. The TTC used to offer which kind of tours?

Tours to public gardens
Christmas light tours
Tours of Toronto’s ravine system
Tours of John Tory’s Toronto properties

3. What do the rapper P-Diddy and former Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman have in common?

Both wear lots of gold chains
Both owned a business called Bad Boy [Former Mayor Mel Lastman owns Bad Boy Superstore, a furniture and appliances store, and P-Diddy owned Bad Boy records]
Both were born in the United States
Both have been invited to one of Drake’s birthday parties

4. What does it mean when an operator speaks over the TTC public address system and says, “506 Kennedy, 506 Kennedy…Please call control”, what does that mean?

The operator is instructing drivers that there are delays at Kennedy station and to call the control centre
The operator is referring to the code for maintenance, and a maintenance person from Kennedy is being asked to call the control centre
506 Kennedy is code word for rat or raccoon sightings and drivers are being instructed to keep their cool

5. Which term describes the following phenomenon that happens way too often on the TTC: When a group of two or more transit vehicles (such as buses or streetcars) , which were scheduled to be evenly spaced running along the same route, instead run in the same place at the same time.


6. What is the name of the extensive underground passage system that links much of the Financial District of downtown Toronto?

MUTS (the Metro Underground Tunnel System)
The Corridor
The PATH [it’s over 30km long!]
The Underground

7. Located close to the lake in the west end of Toronto is one of Canada’s oldest surviving forts. What is the name of this historic landmark?

Fort Knox
Fort Worth
Fort Erie
Fort York [Fort York houses Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 period buildings]

8. Which Canadian public figure was NOT born in Toronto?

John A. Macdonald [Born in Scotland]
Lester B. Pearson
Samantha Bee
Maestro Fresh Wes

9. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince owned a house in Toronto. True or false?


[Prince’s former home in Toronto’s Bridle Path neighbourhood includes 6 bedrooms, 10 baths, a tennis court, beauty salon, and award-winning pool]

10. When was the idea of building an underground Relief Line formally proposed to Toronto City Council?

8 years ago
50 years ago
94 years ago
107 years ago


Intermediate Round

1. Which of these “secret” tunnels in Toronto are real and not just rumours?

Lower Queen
Lower Bay
Underneath the King Edward Hotel
All of the above
None of the above

2. The term “White Elephant” has recently been used to refer to what?

A new exhibit at the Toronto Zoo
The Scarborough Subway Extension 
The Gardiner Expressway
A new brunch spot in Leslieville

[The Scarborough Subway Extension was named by the Guardian as one of the world’s top ten “Urban White Elephants” — projects that are expensive wastes of public money.]

3. Which local icon was banned from the TTC for continuously doing shirtless pushups in 2006, and also has a graphic novel written about him?

Alexander Brovedani a.k.a. Toronto Batman
Russell Oliver
Jesus Guy from Dundas Square
Don Cherry

4. The name “Toronto” [Tkaronto] comes from the Mohawk word for:

The Rivers
Trees Standing in the Water
Meeting Place
The Centre of the Universe

5. Which group of cities all have subway systems that run 24 hours a day?

Berlin, London, Paris
New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm [Must be nice!]
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles
New York, Berlin, Amsterdam
London, Dublin, Edinburgh

6. In which of the following places in Toronto have there been widely reported ghost sightings or paranormal activity?:

The Old Don Jail
TTC’s Lower Bay Station
Casa Loma
All of the above [But which station will Andy Byford come back to haunt?]

7. Torontonians elected Canada’s first politician of African descent


[William Peyton Hubbard was a City of Toronto alderman from 1894 to 1914. He was the first politician of African descent elected to office in Canada.]

8. Which of these technologies and products were invented in Toronto?:

The electron microscope
Antigravity suits
Canada Dry Ginger Ale
All of the above
None of the above

9. When did Toronto get its name?

In 1793, after John Graves Simcoe made it the capital of Upper Canada
In 1834, after residents petitioned to change the name
In 1814, after the war with the United States had ended

[In classic colonial fashion, Simcoe changed Toronto’s name to York—an English name—but residents later petitioned to change it back to Toronto]

10. What TTC surface route (meaning bus or streetcar) had the highest daily ridership in 2016?

35 Jane
29 Dufferin
504 King [On any given day, this streetcar has approximately 65,000 riders]
7 Bathurst
510 Spadina


Difficult Round

1. New York City has the most stations of any subway system in the world. How many stations does it have (not double-counting for transfers)?


2. When John Tory ran for mayor in 2014 how many new stops were going to be built in Toronto as part of his SmartTrack transit plan?


3. As of December 2017, how many new stops are planned to be built in Toronto as part of John Tory’s SmartTrack transit plan?


4. Which Canadian celebrity was once a resident of Cabbagetown?

Avril Lavigne [she could be seen sk8ing down Parliament]
Justin Bieber
Rick Mercer
Russell Peters
Peter Mansbridge

5. Which of the following singers or bands is not from Toronto?

Billy Talent [They’re from Mississauga]
Neil Young
Deborah Cox
The Weeknd

6. Which of the following is NOT a term used to describe Fred G. Gardiner, after whom the Gardiner Expressway is named?

Big Daddy
Municipal Churchill
Concrete Man
Towering Giant

7. Which TTC bus or streetcar route had the least amount of riders in 2016?

501 Queen
353 Steeles
127 Davenport
117 Alness
168 Symington

8. What were the end points of the first GO Transit train line when it opened?

Hamilton to Pickering
Oakville to Toronto
Toronto to Barrie
Long Branch to Guildwood

9. Which of the following movies were shot in Toronto or featured at least one scene in Toronto?

A Christmas Story (1983)
Police Academy (1984)
Chicago (2002)
All of the above
None of the above

10. Which subway system has the highest ridership in the world?

New York

[Beijing’s subway system has the highest ridership in the world, with 3.66 billion trips delivered in 2016 and averaging almost 10 million trips per day. If all of the recommendations from the TTC’s much-delayed Ridership Growth Strategy were implemented and funded, Toronto still wouldn’t come close.]

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