Transit advocacy group, TTCriders, wants City Council and the Provincial Government to stop starving the TTC and fully fund the agency’s 10 year capital plan, which was debated and approved today. 

The TTC has been starved of funding for years, and service has suffered and will continue to suffer unless elected officials invest in transit now.

The TTC needs another $2.7 billion to reach the $9.2 billion target required to maintain the current system and complete accessibility upgrades. The TTC is also asking for another $1.2 billion in new vital capital projects.

Projects that cannot proceed until funding is provided include buying 372 new subway cars, 361 street cars, 872 buses and 60 Wheel-Trans buses to maintain and improve service, ventilation equipment to improve the poor air quality in the subway system, and fire ventilation upgrades.

City Council has an opportunity right now to fund the TTC’s capital budget and get us on track to building the reliable world class transit system we deserve.

Riders, if you want the TTC to reliably and comfortably get you to your destination on time then tell your councillor to find the money the TTC needs to fix our system.  You can call them at 311.

We are organizing a Ride for Respect protest on Tuesday October 3 to demand City Council and the Ontario Government fairly fund the TTC.

Read the TTC’s draft capital budget.

This budget shortfall would delay critical improvements to the TTC and affect riders by:

  • Delaying signal upgrades on Line 2. Upgrades would:
    • allow more trains to reduce crowding
    • improve reliability and reduce delays
    • improve safety with better controls and allowing platform doors
  • Delaying the purchase of more new buses, streetcars, and subway trains. New vehicles would:
    • Increase car size and reduce crowding
    • make the system more accessible
    • replace vehicles that breakdown ofter and reduce delays
  • Delaying a project to expand Bloor-Yonge station that would reduce crowding and improve safety
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