TTCriders is calling on all levels of government to fund and build the Relief Line by 2031

The line should be extended north to serve the priority neighbourhoods of Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, and connect with the Eglinton LRT.

Why the Relief Line?

TTCriders supports the Relief Line because it is a vital project for building a transit network in our city. The municipal, provincial, and federal governments should go beyond studying it and fund its construction as soon as possible.

The Yonge Line (Line 1) is already dangerously crowded, and this situation will only get worse after the Eglinton LRT is completed and if the Yonge Line is extended north to Richmond Hill. A new line is desperately needed to accommodate this growth in ridership, and so that existing riders can board and ride the subway in  dignity.  

TTCriders is also calling for the City and Province to fairly fund the TTC for better service. The TTC is the least funded transit system in North America. 

What is it?

The first phase of the Relief Line will alleviate overcrowding at Bloor-Yonge Station and serve Moss Park, the Unilever employment hub, and communities east of the Don Valley. This is a crucial development, and one that should that be built now, not left to a future generation. The line’s extension north to Eglinton, and eventually Sheppard,will greatly reduce  congestion on the Yonge line and provide an entirely new way for TTC passengers in East York, North York and Scarborough to move through the city.

Studies show that even the “short” version of the Relief Line will be, on opening day, our city’s 3rd-most used transit line. The completed line would link up with three subway lines, GO Transit, and more than a dozen bus and streetcar lines.  Transit riders need a relief line that serves the whole city, not just the downtown. The full Relief Line, including the northern and western extensions, will make life better for all TTC passengers. This project is long overdue.

The Relief Line should be part of the TTC network. It should be publicly built and operated, all stations should be accessible, and it should be usable with a TTC fare.

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