Riders need relief 

On Thursday, January 18, we launched our “Overcrowding Relief Kits” to commuters on the Yonge line. 

We handed out breath mints, transit-themed crossword puzzles, and step-by-step instructions on how to relieve overcrowding (hint: it involves calling John Tory and Kathleen Wynne to fund the Relief Line and better TTC service!). 

On Thursday, January 18, the TTC Board will vote on measures to relieve crowding on the Yonge subway line. But the recommendations fall short of what we really need: the Relief Line built ASAP. 

We’re calling on all three levels of government to fund construction of the Relief Line as soon as possible. The Relief Line will relieve congestion at Bloor-Yonge station and on the Yonge line. 

Take action for the Relief Line

  1. Tweet photos of your overcrowded commute to @JohnTory and @Kathleen_Wynne. Use the hashtags #CantGetOn and #ReliefLine.
  2. Request a Relief Kit to distribute on your commute. Email info@ttcriders.ca.

You can read the TTC’s report on Yonge Line 1 crowding here.

Read our position on the Relief Line here

TTCriders is also calling for the City to increase TTC funding for improved service across the city, to relieve the overcrowding on one quarter of surface routes. Join our Transit Day of Action on January 30 to take action for better TTC service. 

Relief Kits in the news 

CBC News: TTC to explore new strategies in face of ‘historical maximum’ subway crowding

CP24: TTCriders handing out ‘overcrowding relief kits’ to commuters on Line 1

Toronto Sun: TTC riders group says commuters need ‘overcrowding relief kits’ on Yonge line

Global News: ‘Relief kits’ to be handed out amid TTC board meeting to address crowding on subway

Crossword puzzle

Answers to our crossword puzzle are below. You can also play online!

3. Will the 2018 TTC budget improve service levels? NO
5. Ontario politician to call to demand more funding for better transit. WYNNE 
9. Name of the low-income transit pass that was approved by Toronto City Council December 2016, but is unfunded in the 2018 budget. FAIRPASS
11. Subway system with the highest ridership in the world. BEIJING
14. Phenomenon of multiple streetcars or buses arriving at once. BUNCHING
15. City with the most stations of any subway system in the world. NEWYORK
1. This type of analysis has not been conducted on the Scarborough Subway Extension. VALUEFORMONEY
2. Toronto politician to call to demand more funding for better transit. TORY
4. Street in Toronto that had two-hour timed transfers between 2005 and 2017. STCLAIR
 6. The idea of building an underground Relief Line was formally proposed to Toronto City Council more than a ____ ago. CENTURY
7. Last stop on the new Line 1 subway extension. 
8. South of Bloor, the Yonge subway has been running over planned capacity for more than a ____. DECADE
10. Type of fish, typically crammed together like transit riders on the Yonge line. SARDINE 
12. Last name of TTC interim CEO. LEARY
13. Number of Scarborough RT stations that will be replaced by the one-stop Scarborough Subway Extension. FOUR
16. Street name of pilot project that has boosted peak TTC ridership by 25%. KING
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