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If you want to apply to join any of our committees or teams then please:

TTCriders Committees and Teams

Sets the group’s vision, manages staff, manages budget and finances, raises money.   Contact Brenda Thompson at scarboroughtransitaction at  Apply to join.

Fundraising and membership committee
Responsible for raising resources to help TTCriders grow.   Reports to the board. Contact chair, Jessica Bell at jess at

Campaigns committee
Responsible for coordinating all campaigns work, setting committee budgets, launching and closing committees, the work of the priority campaign, and more.
Apply to join.

Responsible for website, email list, social media, contact management, media strategy and outreach. Reports to campaigns committee.   Contact chair, Milan Gokhale, milan at ttcriders dot ca.

Outreach and Leadership
Responsible for outreach, training, the speakers’ bureau, and leadership development.  Reports to campaigns committee.  Contact the chairs Kamilla Pietrzyk, kamilla at or Bill at worrellbill at

Keep it public 
Responsible for campaigning to keep the TTC publicly owned and run.  Reports to campaigns committee. Contact Chair, Brenda Thompson at scarboroughtransitaction at

Scarborough outreach
Responsible for ensuring Scarborough gets the public transit it deserves.  Reports to campaigns committee.  Contact Chair, Brenda Thompson at scarboroughtransitaction at or visit us at

Fair Fare Coalition
Campaigns for lower fares for low income, ODSP and OW recipients.  A coalition of social service agencies and TTCriders. Reports to campaigns committee.   Contact Karin at kd.meinzer at

Our Union Pearson coalition
The Union-Pearson train line must be an affordable, electrified, public train line for all; that’s this committee’s goal. Reports to campaigns committee.  Contact Jess at jess at

2017 TTC Budget committee
Make sure the TTC budget is fully and fairly funded by the city and province.  Contact to get involved.

Fare Integration Committee
Make sure we don’t get fare hikes on the subway, and fare hikes in the suburbs. Contact to get involved.