“If I paid $50 instead of $141.50 for my monthly TTC pass I could pay rent.”

Your councillor has a big decision to make in two short months.  Will your councillor say yes to the low income pass and help make transit more affordable for low income riders and people on social assistance so they can easily travel to work.  Or will your councillor ignore transit riders and keep the TTC too expensive for so many of us.

Across the country, municipalities are showing real leadership. Last month Calgary joined Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Edmonton, Halifax, Brampton and more in offering discount fares to low income riders. It’s Toronto’s turn.

Transit is a right.  All riders need to be able to afford to travel, to go to work, or school, to go appointments and programs, to grocery stores, drop off and pick up their children and to be part of their families and communities.

We’ve come a long way since we started organizing for a low income pass. We’ve written reports. We’ve convinced the city to study the issue and come up with a plan. We’ve organized rallies and protests. We’ve kept the importance of transit affordability alive, when others wanted the issue to go away.  Now the low income pass is returning to City Hall this Fall and we need your help us fight for transit justice. Public transit is a right. Everyone should be able to afford to ride.

Send a message to Mayor Tory, the TTC Commission, and the leaders of the Provincial Political Parties now to call for a low income pass.


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