John Tory’s transit budgets are methodically and systematically destroying the TTC through less frequent, slower and overcrowded service.

For the 2017 budget, John Tory is now talking about a minor increase in funding to avoid service reductions. The reality is that service already has been reduced due to TTC budget shortfalls. In addition to this, today’s service does not even meet the TTC’s own standards, due to overcrowded routes.

We riders know that service is not good enough. Beyond our own experiences, we have been following the news and the numbers to know that John Tory’s claims of maintaining service quality are inaccurate. To help riders see through the smoke screen, we explain service reductions in more detail here and explain overcrowding here.

Through 2016 to January 2017, there were 64 TTC routes that were either overcrowded or had their service reduced.  When a route is overcrowded the TTC is required to increase service to reduce overcrowding to meet its crowding standards. Check below to see if your TTC route is among those.

6 Bay: service reduced in January
7 Bathurst: overcrowded & service reduced in November
11 Bayview: overcrowded & service reduced in November
14 Glencairn: service reduced in January
16 McCowan: service reduced in January
22 Coxwell: overcrowded
23 Dawes: overcrowded
24 Victoria Park: overcrowded
29 Dufferin: overcrowded & service reduced in November
32 Eglinton West: overcrowded & service reduced in January
35 Jane: service reduced in November
36 Finch West: overcrowded
38 Highland Creek: service reduced in January
41 Keele: overcrowded
42 Cummer: overcrowded
43 Kennedy: service reduced in November
45 Kipling: overcrowded
46 Martin Grove: service reduced in January
51 Leslie: service reduced in January
52 Lawrence West: overcrowded
53 Steeles East: overcrowded
56 Leaside: service reduced in November
57 Midland: service reduced in November
60 Steeles West: overcrowded
63 Ossington: overcrowded
68 Warden: service reduced in November
73 Royal York: service reduced in November
75 Sherbourne: overcrowded
79 Scarlett Rd: service reduced in November
84 Sheppard West: overcrowded
85 Sheppard: overcrowded & service reduced in January
89 Weston: overcrowded
90 Vaughan: service reduced in November
95 York Mills: overcrowded
102 Markham Rd: overcrowded & service reduced in January
108 Downsview: overcrowded & service reduced in November
111 East Mall: overcrowded
112 West Mall: service reduced in January
116 Morningside: overcrowded
121 Fort York-Esplanade: service reduced in November
122 Graydon Hall: overcrowded
123 Shorncliffe: overcrowded & service reduced in January
124 Sunnybrook: service reduced in November
125 Drewry: overcrowded
129 McCowan North: service reduced in November
131 Nugget: overcrowded
133 Neilson: overcrowded & service reduced in November
161 Rogers Rd: service reduced in November
168 Symington: service reduced in November
190 Scarborough Rocket: service reduced in January
191 Hwy 27 Rocket: overcrowded
192 Airport Rocket: overcrowded
195 Jane Rocket: overcrowded
198 UTSC Rocket: overcrowded
199 Finch Rocket: overcrowded
501 Queen: overcrowded
504 King: overcrowded & service reduced in November
505 Dundas: overcrowded
506 Carlton: overcrowded
509 Harbourfront: overcrowded
510 Spadina: overcrowded
511 Bathurst: overcrowded
512 St. Clair: overcrowded
514 Cherry: overcrowded & service reduced in November

**We will continue to update this page as we learn more information about service reductions and overcrowding.

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