Tired of Being SARDINED on the TTC?

By the time the subway train arrives there’s a crowd on the platform. Tight for time, you squeeze in.

Tired of being SARDINED on your TTC commute? Ready to do something about it?

Pull out your cellphone, TAKE A PICTURE, and share it. Note the location, time, and date and tag it as #TTCsardines. Send it to us via tumblr, facebook, twitter, or email.

TTCriders will post online #TTCsardines photos taken by YOU and other transit users showing crowding on every part of the system, including buses, streetcars, the subway, and the Scarborough RT.

Posting #TTCsardines photos online will show transit decision-makers that TTC riders are FED UP with the daily indignities of a transit system that’s in crisis because of inadequate government funding. The more photos we get the stronger the message we can send.

The #TTCsardines campaign will run from now until March 5, which is just before the provincial budget is going to be released. TTCriders is calling on the provincial budget to include funding for the TTC.

The BEST PHOTO from the campaign will be part of a brand new TTC SARDINE AWARD that TTCriders will present to a key decision-maker who has dropped the ball on providing riders with more service and more affordable fairs.

Do you have an opinion about who should be presented with the TTC SARDINE AWARD?  Send us your suggestions at info@ttcriders.ca.

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