Join our Stop the Cuts day of action on Monday, January 30 to ask City Council to stop the TTC service cuts.

The TTC is cutting service because it has a funding crisis. Now is the time to take action because on February 15 and 16 City Council will decide how much funding to give the TTC in 2017.

More funding from City Council and the provincial government would allow the TTC to address the constant overcrowding, improve service across the city, and even introduce rider friendly fares like a 2-hour transfer and a low income pass.

There’s 1.8 million riders in Toronto.  If we organize, we’ll win.  Our goal on January 30th is to hand out postcards and talk to thousands of riders on  the routes facing service cuts. Can you help us?

Take action

Here is where we’re talking to riders on January 30.  Sign up to join us.




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