The cost for riding the TTC goes up January 1st. “But riders, when you pay more you get more, right?”


One week later, on January 8th, the TTC is adjusting its schedules with reduced service in the morning rush hour on 12 bus routes.

Perfect timing now that winter is here: waiting longer in the morning cold for your packed bus to trudge through the snow.

Here is the list of routes with longer AM peak wait times starting January 8th:

6   Bay
14  Glencairn
16  McCowan
32  Eglinton West
38  Highland Creek
46  Martin Grove
51  Leslie
85  Sheppard East
102 Markham Road
112 West Mall
123 Shorncliffe
190 Scarborough Rocket

These cuts are part of the overall slow erosion in TTC service that we profiled in November. We created a detailed list of those cuts that we will continue to update as soon as we can figure out how to handle all the info (John Tory’s budgets lead to long lists of small cuts – it’s a challenge to keep up!).

These cuts are happening as Toronto Council debates the 2017 TTC budget.

Want to see better TTC service instead of worse for the rest of 2017? Here is a list of ways that you can get active.

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