Did you know this Spring unhealthy polluting dirty diesel trains will soon be running past some of our homes and schools?

Here is where the trains will travel.  Is your school nearby?

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We have concerns about these trains. We would like the government to run clean, affordable, electric trains instead.  Here’s why:

  • These diesel trains pollute the air and can cause health problems, like asthma and cancer.  
  • These trains are too expensive for us because it’s going to cost $27.50 to board.
  • these trains will not stop in our neighbourhoods because it’s an express service, even though we need more true public transit in our neighbourhoods now.  

The good news is there is a solution, and we want you to help us get there. Queen’s Park could lower the fares, build stops near us, and use clean electric trains that do not pollute our air and contribute to health problems.

You can help!

For World Asthma Day, draw a poster that shows why you want a clean train stop in your neighbourhood.

Download the poster and share in your school.

Sign the petition for clean, affordable trains.

Drawing these posters makes for a great art project and can also be a positive and empowering experience.  Posters can either be drawn collaboratively in class groups, or submitted by individual students.  We welcome posters from students with all levels of artistic ability.  All pictures have the ability to touch the hearts of elected officials at Queen’s Park. 

Students can get creative with what “a clean train stop in my neighbourhood means”.  In other words, it doesn’t have to be a train stop or a train.  It could be a kid or school appreciating clean air.

We will be announcing and celebrating the winning posters shortly before World Asthma Day on May 2.  This project will help with EcoSchools Section 5.

Ideally, posters should be 11 by 17 inches in size.  Please include your name, age, school, and contact details (or the contact details of a teacher or parent). Please write a short 150 word max. statement that explains your picture and why you drew it.

For inspiration, look at the posters submitted for National Geographic’s Paint for the Planet competition.  

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APRIL 24, 2015

30 Duncan Street, Suite 201
Toronto, ON, M5V 2C3.  You can also choose to scan and upload the poster at the bottom of this page. 


If needed, you can download and use this parent permission form.

Classes and students with the winning posters will receive a certificate of congratulations. The winning posters will be announced, framed and shared with elected officials at Queen’s Park as part of World Asthma Day.  Winning posters will also be printed and shared on our website and in the community.  All posters will be celebrated and shared online. All our voices count and it’s important to send a big bold message from youth that our healthy and our future matters. 


Teachers, parents, and students are welcome to join us at Queen’s Park to celebrate the   winning posters as part of World Asthma Day on May 2.  World Asthma Day is on Saturday May 2, so we will be going to Queen’s Park on a weekday shortly before World Asthma Day. Queen’s Park will be in session on the day we go, which means students can also watch government at work. Tokens are available to teachers and students on the day if needed.  If you want to join us please contact us at jess@ttcriders.ca or 647 772 8770 for more details, including the exact date and time. 


The Our Union Pearson Coalition is a group of residents who want clean and affordable trains running from Union Station to Pearson Airport.  For more information about the issue please go to www.ourunionpearson.ca or www.cleantrain.ca.

If you have questions or you plan to send in posters, please let us know at jess@ttcriders.ca, 647 772 8770.


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