Why does transit matter to you?    

Personalize your message and explain how you are impacted by unreliable TTC service, unaffordable fares, and overcrowding. 

We need a fairly-funded TTC

Transit riders in Toronto deserve an affordable, world class public transit system, but the TTC is the least funded transit system in North America. The North American average is $2.60 per ride, and we are calling on councillors to increase the City funding subsidy to $1.30 a ride.

If the TTC was funded at this rate, we’d be able to get: 

  • More reliable and frequent TTC service, especially in priority neighbourhoods
  • Lower fares
  • Two-hour transfers

Have an extra five minutes?  

Call your city councillor and ask them to vote for a fairly funded TTC budget in 2018. 

Tell your councillor why you care about lower TTC fares, more reliable and frequent service on routes across the city, and two-hour transfers. 

Find your councillor’s phone number here or call 311. 

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