TTCriders is a grassroots, membership-based advocacy group of TTC users.  We advocate for an affordable world-class public transit system for Toronto.

We were founded in 2010 by a coalition of organizations, including the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Social Planning Toronto, the Toronto & York Region Labour Council, ACORN, and the Canadian Federation of Students.

Since its founding, TTCriders led the effort to secure political approval for the transit expansion effort known as Transit City.   The approved Transit City plan will see the construction of four Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines: the Eglinton Crosstown, the Finch West LRT, the Sheppard Avenue East LRT, and the conversion of the Scarborough RT into an LRT.

TTCriders Team PhotoFounding meeting of TTCriders 

Our Annual Reports

TTCriders Annual Report 2013-2014

TTCriders Annual Report 2014-2015

TTCriders Annual Report 2015-2016

TTCriders Annual Report 2016-2017