Building our transit movement in a key election year

You are invited to our 2018 Transit Summit.  The purpose of our Summit is to build the movement for an affordable world class public transit system.  This is a key time to advocate for our issues because we have a Toronto and Ontario election in 2018.

  • Saturday March 3, 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Location: TBA
  • Lunch provided

Co-sponsors: TTCriders, Canadian Federation of Students Ontario, Free Transit Toronto, ATU Canada, CodeRedTO, Evergreen, Environment Hamilton, Fair Fare Coalition, Davenport Perth Community Ministry
With support from the Maytree Foundation.
Please contact us at if you’re interested in being a co-sponsor or if the entry fee is a barrier. 

The summit will feature at least five skill-building workshops to improve our ability to engage in transit advocacy, and two hours allocated to open discussion on topics of our choosing.  This is your opportunity to get involved, meet like-minded people, and help shape the direction of our movement. 


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